Tinnitus treatment through customized sound therapy

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Audiology Clinic

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We use a scientifically proven tinnitus treatment that cures your tinnitus by targeting the root cause. Our software allows you to treat tinnitus by creating custom tinnitus treatment using sound therapy. You can create notched music therapy with your own music, notched white noise therapy and notched masking sound therapy with our sounds.

  • Powered by Clinical Research.

    The usage of our tinnitus treatment has been experimentally shown to cure tinnitus over time by reducing volume.

  • Clinically guided.

    TinnitusTreater is an exclusive site that works with select Audiology clinics to deliver the sound therapy for tinnitus using the latest technology and research.

  • Customized for You.

    Everyone's tinnitus is a little different. Our tinnitus treatment selectively targets the neurons that cause your tinnitus. Read more about how it works.